Question: Can I Delete My EBay Account And Start Over?

Can I close my eBay account and open a new one?

You can’t reopen a closed account.

But you can create a new account, with a different email address if you want to keep doing business on eBay.

But make sure you want to end it with eBay before you pull the plug.

Once your account is closed, it’s closed forever..

Why did eBay delete my account?

eBay does delete accounts that have not been active for a while, if they are unable to contact the account owner, or if the email address is not valid any more. If they try to contact the owner, and the email address doesn’t work, then they will close the account. … That is why accounts get deleted.

Does eBay charge a monthly fee?

When you first subscribe, you’ll choose between automatic monthly or yearly renewals. For either option, eBay charges the subscription fee on a monthly basis.

Can I cancel an eBay order as a seller?

In Seller Hub, go to Orders – opens in new window or tab; or in My eBay, go to Sold – opens in new window or tab. Find the order you want to cancel, and from More actions, select Cancel this order. Choose a reason for the cancellation and then select Continue to finish.

Why was my eBay account suspended indefinitely?

An indefinite suspension means that you’ve lost all privileges to sell on eBay. This usually happens to sellers who are breaking the law, selling illegal or banned items, or haven’t changed their ways after being previously suspended.

Can you temporarily deactivate eBay account?

temporarily closing your account or making it inactive while you’re away. Since you don’t have a store, you simply need to end your listings and relist when you return and are ready to take care of business. You can relist them in bulk within 60 days (or 90 days if you use Selling Manager or Seller’s Hub).

What happens if you close a PayPal account with money in it?

Here’s what happens when you close your account: Any unpaid money requests are automatically canceled. You lose any unused redemption codes or coupons.

Can eBay ban you for life?

This suspension is permanent and means that you will not be able to participate in any buying or selling activities on eBay. In addition, any other accounts that you own, or that are associated with this account, will also be suspended.

What happens if you dont pay eBay back?

eBay will send constant reminders for unpaid fees, then they will restrict you from listing and purchasing any items . Finally , they will end all active listings and totally suspend your account. If payment is still not made then they will permanently close the account and pass debt onto a collection agency.

How do I stop eBay from taking money from my bank account?

Go to your ebay account and check the subscription tab and see what it says. If you can cancel it then do that and your monthly charge will stop.

Can eBay track your IP address?

Because eBay cannot see your real IP address, it will not register that you are the same user and will not block you from creating a new account.

What Cannot be sold on eBay?

These items may not be listed on eBay:Adults only.Drugs and drug paraphernalia.Embargoed goods and prohibited countries.Firearms, weapons and knives.Government, transit, postal items and official items policy.Hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials.Items encouraging illegal activity.Lock-picking devices.More items…

How do I end my eBay account?

In Seller Hub, go to Orders; or in My eBay, go to Sold. Find the transaction you want to cancel, and from More actions, select Cancel this order. Choose a reason for the cancellation and then select Continue to finish.

Can you have 2 eBay accounts?

It’s perfectly legal and within eBay’s rules to have as many accounts as you like. The only thing you will need is a unique email address for each ID. … You can use the same bank account and/or credit card details on as many eBay accounts as you like, so you can reuse the financial information from your first account.

Can you use the same PayPal for 2 eBay accounts?

Yes, multiple eBay accounts can use one PayPal account. You can use the same single PayPal payment address on the listings, or add your other unique eBay account email addresses to a single PayPal account.

Can I have 2 eBay accounts with the same PayPal?

You can only link one PayPal account to your eBay shipping addresses page. If you have more than one eBay account, though, you can link the same PayPal account to one or all of your eBay accounts.

Can I close my eBay account if I owe money?

You can’t just close an account on ebay instantly, even an account in good standing takes a while before it is closed by ebay. . If ebay is not allowing you to do so, it is probably because you owe money or there are outstanding issues of some kind. People try to do this all the time.

How long are you banned from selling on eBay?

eBay may implement account suspensions for seven, ten or 30 days – or even indefinitely! A full suspension is usually the outcome of a serious violation of eBay’s rules and policies. This can also happen if you consistently under-perform. Most often, eBay takes this step after issuing a few warnings.

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