Quick Answer: Are Aqua Switches Better Than Red?

Red switches have been marketed as a gaming switch, with the light weighting allowing for more rapid actuation, and have become increasingly common in gaming keyboards.

Tactile switches provide, as the name suggests, additional tactile feedback as the key actuates..

Does HyperX use Cherry MX?

HyperX™ Alloy keyboards proudly feature both CHERRY® MX and Kailh keyswitches to fit player preference and provide an edge in reactivity and durability.

Are HyperX switches good?

The slim, aluminum shell looks attractive and feels solid, while giving the exposed switches and keys a nice surface to reflect off of, resulting in bright, attractive lighting effects. In short, this is one of the nicest-looking mechanical keyboards I’ve used in recent memory.

What switches are best for gaming?

If you want a switch that’s really fast for gaming, the Razer Red Optical switch or Cherry Speed Silver are your best bets. But if you need a well rounded switch, for typing/gaming, the Cherry MX or Gateron linear switches are great options. Happy typing!

Are HyperX red switches loud?

Primarily, the difference between Brown, Blue, and Red is the decibel level of the click. Blue is the loudest, Brown is quieter, and Red is the quietest, and many people prefer the Red because this prevents their typing or playing from disrupting the people around them.

Do linear switches feel mushy?

Linears aren’t mushy. A quality linear is smooth and cushiony near the bottom.

How fast are HyperX Aqua switches?

Both use the exact same actuation force of 45g, but the Aqua’s travel distance and actuation point are just 0.2mm shorter than the Cherry MX Brown. According to HyperX’s rigorous testing procedure, Aqua switches have a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes, compared to more than 50 million for the Cherry MX Brown.

Are Blue switches good for gaming?

Despite their popularity, blue switches are not ideal for gaming. The strong tactile bump on each keystroke can prevent you from pressing keys in rapid succession and results in less control in-game. The loud clicky noises can also be distracting when chatting with your teammates.

What is the difference between linear and tactile switches?

Linear: Smooth and consistent keystroke with a quiet noise. Tactile: A small bump on each keystroke with a moderate noise. Clicky: A small bump on each keystroke with a loud click noise. If you want a keyboard that allows you to try whatever switch you want, check out our list of the best hot-swappable keyboards.

Is HyperX alloy origins core loud?

The linear switches are very smooth and the overall bottom out sound is not too loud.

What switches are best for typing?

When picking out the best switch for typing, typically a tactile switch is preferred because the tactile bump can help reduce error and make typing more enjoyable. The best mechanical switches for typing are Cherry MX Browns, ZealPC Zilents, and Topre switches.

How do aqua switches feel?

Compared to the linear Red HyperX key switches the Aqua switches add a tactile bump without an audible “click”, and have a slightly firmer feel than the Red switches as well.

Why are brown switches bad?

The reason people don’t like browns is because, while they’re advertised as tactile, you can barely feel it when actually typing so it comes off more like a scratchy linear switch. It’s why people often recommended going with ergo clears over browns back when Cherry was the only switch available.

Are Aqua switches good?

HyperX Aqua key switches are tactile-style switches. Unlike linear switches, they have a slight bump in their travel path that helps gives the user confirmation of a keypress. … They’re preferred by gamers who want a fast key switch, but prioritize accuracy over speed.

Are red switches good for gaming?

The red switch is popular with gamers because these switches respond faster and they require less force to hold down a button.

Are Aqua switches good Reddit?

Build Quality: Heavy, Solid. feels nice to pickup. Switches being inconsistent is certainly the biggest draw back, lack of media keys is case by case, build quality is great along with the rgb but the key cap etching is just ugly. …

Are linear switches good for typing?

But linear switches have traditionally been viewed as terrible for good typing practice, because the long travel keys (for example, Cherry MX Reds) without feedback meant that for many people it was hard to accurately predict when they would get the keystroke to actuate.

Are brown switches faster than red?

The Cherry MX Brown switches do come with slightly greater actuation pressure, making them more precise when compared to the MX Red counterpart. As far as sound is concerned, the Cherry MX Browns are pretty much identical to the Reds above.

Is Cherry MX Red good for FPS games?

Cherry MX Red are what most keyboard companies use for FPS gaming keyboards, but it’s a matter of personal preference, so try to use all of the various Cherry MX switches out there, and choose which one you like best.

Are HyperX red switches good Reddit?

‪HyperX Red Linear switches are damn good. I was VERY skeptic before buying but man, those are the best switches I’ve ever used, and IMHO way better than Cherry MX reds. %100 anti-ghosting. Never mistyped a single letter and even broke my WPM record with 105 words (523 keystrokes)‬

Are Aqua switches loud?

A Difference You Can Feel The first thing I noticed is that the HyperX Aqua key switches aren’t nearly as noisy at the CHERRY MX ones. Some people appreciate this auditory feedback, but ideally, keys that are “tactile” should be on the quiet side unless they’re also specifically marketed as being “clicky.”

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