Quick Answer: Is Poco M3 A Gaming Phone?

Is Poco better than oppo?

POCO X3 vs Realme 7 Pro vs OPPO F17: Final Verdict The POCO X3 emerges as a better value for money smartphone as it offers 120HZ refresh rate, better processor, and larger battery capacity.

The Realme 7 Pro cut it close with AMOLED screen, comparable performance and much faster-charging speed..

Is Poco a gaming phone?

Verdict. Poco clearly had one goal in mind for the X3 Pro, and that was to deliver the best possible CPU performance at around the Rs. 20,000 price level. Arguably, it has succeeded. This is a phone that will do very well for gaming and will feel snappy and responsive for the foreseeable future.

Is Poco M3 5G mobile?

POCO has finally announced the launch of its latest budget-friendly 5G smartphone, the POCO M3 Pro 5G. This is the first smartphone from POCO in India that comes with 5G support. Apart from this, the phone is also loaded with some interesting features like 48MP rear cameras, a 5,000mAh battery, and more.

Why does Poco M3 heat up?

Heating Problem On your Poco M3 Make sure not to use your phone while charging. Using your Poco M3 phone for long while charging may lead to the heating issue. Next, playing games for too long could be the main reason for the heating issue. You may want to take a pause.

How can I make my Poco M3 faster?

How to make POCO M3 run faster and more responsive?Perform hard reset on POCO M3. … Try updating POCO M3 firmware. … Always monitor the internal memory space – too little of it may cause serious problems with POCO M3 performance.Make sure that all your files such as photos and videos are on external memory (like SD memory card)More items…

Is Poco M3 waterproof?

The Xiaomi Poco M3 is splashproof but it can’t be said as a fully waterproof phone as there is no IP rating for the device.

How can you tell a fake Poco M3?

The IMEI number is the unique way of identifying your POCO M3. So it can be used to get the full specification of your handset or in order to read the hidden information about POCO M3. The IMEI Checking is common way to find out whether POCO M3 is original and legit.

Is Poco M3 good for PUBG?

Poco M3 fullfill all the requirements very efficiently. So you can play PUBG with POCO M3 pretty decently. … POCO M3 has Snapdragon 662 processor. From my experience it can run PUBG mobile in Smooth graphics+Ultra fps.

Is the Poco M3 slow?

Poco M3 comes with the MIUI 12 and few tweaks from Poco itself. The MIUI 12 offers impressive features on top of Android 10. The MIUI 12 is filled with software tweaks that take processor resources which make this phone slower. This is the reason why Poco M3 feels laggy.

Does Poco support 4K?

Yes, Xiaomi Poco F1 supports 4K video recording and also captures 4k pictures for you. Ultra-High Definition or 4K possess 3840 x 2160 pixels, which are 4 times as many in Full HD or 1080p.

Is Poco best for gaming?

Gaming is clearly where the Poco X3 shines the most. The phone is pretty much made to bring quality gaming to the budget segment. With an 800-series processor and the Adreno 640 GPU, the phone is capable of handling the heaviest of titles with ease.

Does Poco M3 support 4K video?

Camera: In the camera department, the Poco M3 Pro 5G sports a triple rear camera setup consisting of a 48-megapixel primary shooter, a 2-megapixel depth sensor and another 2-megapixel macro lens. … While the rear cameras can shoot 4K 30fps videos, the video capability of the front camera is capped to 1080p at 30fps.

Is Poco M3 good camera?

Overall, the Poco M3 turned out to be an excellent shooter in broad daylight, and we are surprised by its skills. Let’s look at some low-light shots now. The low-light photos from the main camera are mediocre. There seems to be enough detail, and the pictures aren’t that blurry, but they are dark and quite noisy.

Why is my Poco X3 lagging?

The dynamic refresh rate is there and its purpose is to reduce the frame rate to save the battery. Apps that don’t use a 120Hz refresh rate like Youtube runs on 60Hz but when you close the app, Poco X3 jumps to 120hz and during this, you feel the lag.

Can Poco M3 run PUBG mobile?

If you find here your device you will be able to install PUBG Mobile on POCO M3 device. …

Is Poco M2 is better than Poco M3?

Poco M3 vs Poco M2: Camera Meanwhile, the Poco M3 features a triple camera setup with a 48MP main camera sensor, a 2MP depth camera and a 2MP macro sensor. … On the other hand, if low light camera performance is important to you, the bigger 48MP sensor on the Poco M3 should be a better option than the Poco M2.

Is Poco good or bad?

The Poco M3 comes packed with 18W fast charging support out-of-the-box, which in my opinion is one of the selling aspects of the device. … The Poco M3 also offers decent overall performance, neither great nor too bad. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor paired with 6GB RAM and up to 128GB storage.

Is Poco M3 good for gaming?

The Poco M3 can do even for gaming, provided you lower the game resolution and graphics quality. Yes, you can play modern games like PUBG smoothly if you tone down the settings. The Poco M3 is a great all-rounder.

Why Poco M3 is bad?

Poco M3: The Bad The device has the MIUI 12 UI pre-installed. The UI is similar to what we have seen on Xiaomi smartphones. It is a bit cluttered and there are several pre-loaded bloatware which if avoided would have allowed for a better user experience.

Is Poco X2 good for PUBG?

Qualcomm 8nm Snapdragon 730G is a gaming-focused Processor. 6GB RAM which is enough to play PUBG. POCO X2 supports 120Hz Refresh Rate display, that gives you great gaming performance. 4500mAh battery with 27W fast charging that charge smartphone in Just 58 Minutes, that means you will play PUBG about 7 hours non stop.

Does Poco X3 have liquid cooling?

POCO X3 Pro flagship killer launched with Snapdragon 860 chipset, 120Hz display, Liquid Cooling, & more.

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