What Can I Buy With 1 Dollar?

What can you buy for 1 in India?

20 Things You Can Still Buy In India For 1 RupeeCandies and Toffees.

Dairy milk eclairs, mango bite, coffee bite…

the list is huge.Machine ka Thanda Paani.

For one more rupee, you can even ask for salt and lemon.Two Single Postcards.


Plastic cup/glass.

Mouth-fresheners like Chutki and Pass-Pass.

Chewing gum.

Shampoo sachet.More items…•Nov 25, 2014.

What can I buy on Amazon for $5?

Cheap Thrills: 15 Favorite Amazon Buys for Under $5Reusable Latex Gloves. 1/15. Check Price on Amazon. … Goo Gone. 2/15. Check Price on Amazon. … Mini Flashlight. 3/15. Check Price on Amazon. … Sponge Cloths. 4/15. Check Price on Amazon. … 5-in-1 Multitool. 5/15. … Sink Caddy. 6/15. … Velcro Squares. 7/15. … Command Jumbo Photo Hanger. 8/15.More items…

What is the cheapest thing on earth?

The answer is: wheat. Actually, the entire agriculture complex, including corn, beef, pork and beans could fit this description.

What can you buy for 31 cents?

5 Things I Can Buy With 31 CentsThirty-one Stainless Steel Rings.Thirty-one Mochi Squishy Toys.Thirty-one Wall Stickers.Thirty-one glowing stress balls.Thirty-one Toilet wall stickers.Nov 9, 2018

How do I get 1 cent items on eBay?

How to Find Items on eBay for One CentVisit ebay.com and click the “Advanced Search” option near the top of the page to the right of the search field.Scroll down through the search settings and find the “Price” heading.Place a checkmark to the left of “Show Items Priced From…” and then enter “. … View the categories to narrow your search.More items…

What can you buy at Walmart for $1?

Top 10 Walmart Deals under $1M&M’s : $.68. $0.50 off TWO (2) M&M’S Milk Chocolate Singles.McCormick Taco Seasoning: $0.54ea. $0.50/2 McCormick Taco or Mexican mix.Folgers Coffee: $1.00. $1.50/1 ANY Folgers Product coupon print.Rimmel Nail Polish: $1.50. $1/1 Rimmel London Product printable. … Zyrtec 5ct: $5.27.

What can you buy for 5 dollars?

50 Amazing Things You Can Buy for $5 (Or Less!)A water temperature indicator. $3.96; buy now at Amazon. … A set of sheet grippers. $3.99; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond. … A gold face mask. $3.99; buy now at Target. … 3D cookie cutters. $2.93; buy now at Amazon. … An artificial plant. … Fun paper clips. … An MP3 player. … A fleece throw.More items…•Mar 22, 2018

What is the most expensive item on Amazon?

The most expensive item on Amazon is actually a baseball card. As of March 2021, the most expensive item listed on Amazon with a set price is a legendary piece of baseball history.

What can I buy on Ebay for $1?

These are 25 cool things you can buy for $1 on Ebay:Sticky Notes BANDAGE, CUTE NINJA, DAILY PLANNER.Sticky Tabs PATTERN, COLOUR TABS.Pens SYRINGE PEN.Highlighters SYRINGE HIGHLIGHTER.White Board Eraser WHITEBOARD ERASER.Eye Lash Curler EYELASH CURLER.Phone Cases TRANSPARENT IPHONE5/6 CASE SOFT, IPHONE 5 FLORAL.More items…•Nov 22, 2016

What can you buy for one dollar on Amazon?

Holographic Stickers For Amazing Manicures. … A Sponge That Looks Just Like A Beauty Blender. … A Slicer So You Can Make Your Own Fries. … A Unique Brush Made To Hold Foundation. … A Cute Cleaner For Your Makeup Brushes. … The Cutest, Cheapest Toiletry Bag Ever. … A Place For All Your Disposable Grocery Bags.More items…•Jul 28, 2017

What can you buy with 2 dollars?

13 Things To Buy With $21 Redbox movie.1 gallon of gasoline.2 items from the Dollar Store.Pack of gum.Bottle of water.1 Taco at Taco Bell.Any Suave product like shampoo or soap.Half dozen eggs.More items…•Jan 14, 2016

What is the most expensive thing on eBay?

Giga YachtThe winner of the most expensive item ever bought on eBay is the Giga Yacht. The auction ended at $85,000,000 but that was just the deposit. The total cost of the luxury boat was a whopping $168,000,000 and went to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, to go in his portfolio alongside Chelsea FC.

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