What Fits In A Louis Vuitton Key Pouch?

What do you put in a key pouch?

For this review, I’d like to see how much the key pouch can hold by putting all these things inside: 3 cards, 7 banknotes or bills, 3 keys, and a total of 20 coins.

Cards, keys, banknotes, and coins – all the things to fill up my LV Key Pouch.

The cards are just the standard size cards (bank, credit, and health)..

What can you fit in Louis Vuitton key pouch?

The Key Pouch in iconic Monogram canvas is a playful yet practical accessory that can carry coins, cards, folded bills and other small items, in addition to keys. Secured with an LV-engraved zip, it can be hooked onto the D-ring inside most Louis Vuitton bags, or used as a bag or belt charm.

Can a credit card fit in a Louis Vuitton key pouch?

Yes the Cles can fit cards.

Is Louis Vuitton key pouch worth it?

Yes, but considering that I use it as a wallet, it was 100% worth it! Louis Vuitton recently increased prices since the luxury market has taken a hit from the coronavirus. This little gem will cost you $270 now – that is, if you can get your hands on it.

How can I tell if my Louis Vuitton keychain is real?

The chain on an authentic key pouch should have small uniform links and the link that connects the clasp to the chain should be small and round. The chain on the fake key pouch is too long and large. The clasp should also have an engraved LV logo that’s precise and has the correct font.

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