What Is A Sub Commander In Star Trek?

Does Riker ever become captain?

In the two-part episode “The Best of Both Worlds” Riker takes command of the Enterprise, promoted to the rank of captain through a field promotion, and orchestrates Picard’s rescue.

In the Enterprise series finale, Riker appears as a never before seen cook discussing matters of life, duty, and sacrifice with the crew..

What happened to trip and t pol baby?

Elizabeth was a binary clone created from the DNA of T’Pol, a Vulcan female, and Charles Tucker, a Human male, both of whom served aboard the starship Enterprise NX-01. … Sadly, Elizabeth died soon afterward, due to a fever and an elevated white blood cell count.

Why did they kill off Trip Tucker?

They actually wanted a character that they could kill off that could heroically die saving Captain Archer’s life before his historical speech. Who better than his best friend to sacrifice his life to save him; and that is what had happened why they chose to kill off Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker III.

What is the most powerful Starfleet ship?

The Invincible-classThe Invincible-class is the single largest multi-mission combat-equipped starship ever constructed by Starfleet. She is designed as the ultimate in front line explorers. She is classified as a Fleet Carrier-Command Battleship….Invincible class.Invincible-classLaunched:2384Commissioned:2385DimensionsLength:1,607.2 meters19 more rows

Is General or Commander higher?

The next higher rank is lieutenant junior grade (U.S. and British), followed by lieutenant and lieutenant commander. … A lieutenant general ranks below a general and above a major general. In the U.S. and British navies a lieutenant commander, as noted above, ranks between a lieutenant and a commander.

Is Commander higher than major?

In the United States Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force, major is a field grade military officer rank above the rank of captain and below the rank of lieutenant colonel. It is equivalent to the naval rank of lieutenant commander in the other uniformed services. … The pay grade for the rank of major is O-4.

What is sub commander mean?

Noun. subcommander (plural subcommanders) A commander who is subordinate in rank.

Does a captain outrank a commander?

IF we are talking about ranks in the only fairly organized military we see (the Empire’s) then assuming both are Navy ranks, like in the real world, Captain outranks a Commander. (HOWEVER, if we are comparing an ARMY captain to a NAVY commander, the Commander ranks.

Is the Defiant more powerful than the enterprise?

Both ships are very well armed, although the Enterprise-E outguns the Defiant. However, the Defiant has pulse phaser cannons, a cloaking device, ablative armor, and is a comparatively small, fast, and maneuverable ship. The Defiant could possibly win. The Prometheus would also be a good match for the Enterprise-E.

What happened to the Romulan on the Defiant?

If the presence of the cloaking device was discovered before the mission to the Gamma Quadrant T’Rul’s presence gave the Romulans the fall back to “no treaty was broken the device was under Romulan control, it just happened to be aboard a Federation ship for a very specific mission to peacefully contact the Founders on …

Is Commander a rank?

In the United States, commander is a military rank that is also sometimes used as a military billet title—the designation of someone who manages living quarters or a base—depending on the branch of service. It is also used as a rank or title in non-military organizations; particularly in law enforcement.

Why did Picard call Riker Commander?

It tells everyone who hears it that Riker has earned Picard’s complete trust. They are as near friends as the rank structure will allow. You will notice that Picard reserves calling him Commander Riker for when he believes Riker may have overstepped his authority or made a not so great decision.

Is TPOL still alive?

She was born in 2088, adding 182 years is 2270, so T’Pol is 169 in 2257. …

Why is the defiant so small?

Specifically, the Defiant sacrificed endurance in order to pack so much offensive and defensive power into a tiny frame. The Defiant class was very effective for a single battle, but had to return to port after every fight to restock on torpedoes and replace ablative armor.

What is a commander in Star Trek?

Commander is a military rank used in Earth Starfleet and Federation Starfleet, superior to lieutenant and lieutenant commander and subordinate to captain. … This term is also used in the Imperial Klingon Fleet, the Klingon Defense Force and the Kellarian System Defense Forces (Star Trek: Remington).

What rank is sub commander?

Sub-commander was a military rank used by the Vulcan High Command and the Romulan Star Empire. Among Vulcan ranks, sub-commander fell between major and captain. In joint operations with Earth Starfleet, sub-commander was treated as being a grade between a Starfleet captain and commander.

Who is the highest ranking Starfleet officer?

Fleet AdmiralFleet Admiral is the highest rank in Starfleet. The Fleet Admiral is the Commander, Starfleet and usually has many years of distinguished service and an impeccable record. There is only one active Fleet Admiral, although former Fleet Admirals may retain the rank as an honorarium.

When did T’Pol die?

2161In the episode “Awakening”, she died in her daughter’s arms during an attack on a Syrranite encampment in the desert region known as The Forge. T’Pol grieved upon her mother’s death; following the death of Trip in 2161, she confessed to Archer that she missed her mother more as time went by.

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